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Patios and Walkways

by on March 13, 2011

We have in depth knowledge about the latest patio and walkway design and installation, and we have the tools, skills and experience required to accomplish any and all Missouri landscaping ideas. We can help your home achieve its maximum curb appeal potential. Many homeowners overlook the importance of the walkway when creating curb appeal to sell their homes. They focus on the front yard and the entryway but they forget about the walkway.

The type of walkway that needs real help with curb appeal is a straight concrete path. This is not appealing from the street or very eye catching. You should consider replacing a straight concrete walkway or square patio with brick, slate or stone. And if you convert your straight walkway or patio into a curved design you won’t be disappointed.  You may be able to place stone over your concrete walkway or patio.

Patios and walkways are definitely good examples of projects that help you add curb appeal. There are many things you can do in regard to patio and walkway design.

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