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Questions for your Missouri lawn care provider

by on March 27, 2011

Interviewing for a Missouri lawn care provider might seem a little strange, but is vital to making sure you get the utmost quality of service. Either through your own research or asking around; choose 3 or 4 Missouri lawn care companies or prepare a list of questions and criteria to discuss before committing to one company.

Probably the two most important questions to ask are whether or not the company is commercially licensed and if it carries insurance. Ensuring that you’re hiring a company that is capable of meeting your standards and know what they’re doing is critical, as well as knowing that if one of the workers were to be injured on your property or if something is damaged, you will not be held liable or you will be compensated for damages.

Ask if customer satisfaction is guaranteed. You should not have to pay for services that are not up to par with your expectations or fall short of what you asked. Inquiring into the longevity of the company and what type of training and experience they have can help you ascertain whether you are getting quality service. It is also essential to make certain your Missouri lawn care provider is familiar with your area and any issues indigenous to your neighborhood.

Make sure to ask for references and a portfolio. If the work is of high quality, they will be certain to want to show it off and give you the names of clients who will rave rather than rant about the service they received.

Finding a company with schedule flexibility, acceptable prices, a variety of services and a plethora of references and experience is well worth the satisfaction you will experience when your property is given the same love and attention you would give it yourself.

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