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Common landscaping mistakes

by on April 27, 2011

Your home is a precious place and you want it to look its best. Many homeowners choose to add features to their Missouri landscape in order to increase the value of the property or to add color and flair. However, just like with anything, landscaping can be overdone.

You may enjoy a back yard that is private and no one can see into, but consider fencing before you invest in 9-foot-high shrubs. The amount of upkeep these shrubs may need will find you quickly overwhelmed by the amount of work. Having to prune your shrub fence can take up a lot of your free time, and even if you hire a professional landscaping company, having them visit your property that often can become expensive.

Everyone has a favorite type of plant or tree or flower. But too much of one thing can really look awkward. When designing your Missouri landscape, be sure to add variety in not only color and type, but also with the time of year the plant grows. If you plant one type of tree that loses its canopy during the winter, your Missouri landscape will look bare and dull. Make sure at least some of your plants offer some color all year round.

Spread your Missouri landscape out around the property. Planting solely by your house or exclusively away from your house creates an awkward-looking Missouri landscape. By interspersing plants throughout the property, you will give your Missouri landscape depth and character.

Consult your local landscaping company about the best choices for all your landscaping ideas.

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