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Using wood ashes as part of your St. Louis landscaping regimen

by on December 7, 2011

You have been noticing that the plants in your St. Louis landscape are not growing as fast as they should or perhaps they just do not appear as vibrant as they used to look. You may want to call your St. Louis landscaping company and ask them to perform a soil analysis. There could be several explanations as to why your St. Louis landscape isn’t thriving, but one reason may be that the pH level of your soil is not where it should be. If that is the case, your St. Louis landscaping specialist will more than likely suggest lime applications to correct the acidity level. However, wood ashes are an alternative to lime applications that with continual use can have the same level of effectiveness as lime.

The reason wood ashes are used to correct the pH level of soil is because the ashes contain small quantities of boron, potassium, phosphate and other elements pertinent to increasing the soil’s pH level. If you do decide to use wood ashes, you need to be vigilant about using them often and having your soil’s acidity tested annually. Wood ashes are particularly effective in sandy soils. Landscaping experts recommend spreading a thin layer of the ashes over the soil in the winter, then mixing the ashes in with the soil again in the spring. Be aware of what other plants the ashes come into contact with, as they can cause damage to plant roots or seedlings that are in a state of germination.

If you aren’t sure about how much to use or how to correctly apply the wood ashes, call your St. Louis landscaping professional.

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