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Landscaping Tip: How to produce fast-growing trees

by on June 6, 2012

Have you planted several trees on your St. Louis landscape that just aren’t growing at the rate you expected? There are a few St. Louis landscaping tricks you can perform to help your trees’ growth rapidly increase.

Have you ever heard that cutting your hair regularly makes it grow faster? This is true because cutting your hair stimulates your roots to produce more hair that is healthier. This concept holds true for trees as well. Trimming and pruning will keep your tree stimulated, thus causing it to grow faster than if you didn’t provide these services at all. This type of St. Louis landscaping also keeps your tree healthy and improves its immunity to disease and insect problems, which can also hinder growth. Pruning should start very early on in order to grow a tree that has longevity and an ideal shape.

Another way to ensure optimal tree growth is adequate watering. Landscaping experts recommend that the soil be irrigated with water applications that are slow and deep, as well as regulated for consistency. However, take care not to overwater the tree, which can be just as detrimental as not watering it enough. Landscaping professionals recommend using watering bags that slowly release water over a period of four to six hours. If you really want to get the most out of your watering treatments, consider adding mulch, which will help the soil retain the moisture better and protect the underlying roots from extreme temperatures. Mulch also combats weed production, which will allow the roots to grow without competing with powerful weeds.

For optimal care, consult your local St. Louis landscaping company and leave the well-being of your tree in the hands of certified experts.

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