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Aerating for an optimal lawn

by on April 2, 2013

Have you noticed your lawn isn’t responding as positively to fertilization treatments as it has in the past? Is the grass dry despite constant watering and not as vibrant as it once was? Chances are it could benefit from an aeration treatment.

Landscape experts suggest aerating to reverse the negative consequences of thatch build-up that has gotten to be more than one inch thick. Thatch can block important nutrients, water and air from reaching the root zone of your lawn, which is why it turns brown and brittle.

After dethatching, your St. Louis Landscape specialists will use a device to remove small plugs of soil from your lawn. The openings created by removing the dirt will allow fertilizer, water and air to find their way down to the roots, which now have even more room to swell up and thrive as they take in these elements. Additionally, the small plugs of soil that have been removed will act as natural fertilizer. The soil will break down over time and reintroduce the nutrients back into the lawn.

This process should be repeated every one to two years to ensure the presence of thatch is not having a negative impact on the success of the lawn. Your St. Louis Landscape professional will advise you on the best time of the season to aerate your lawn for optimal results.

If you think your lawn could benefit from aeration, contact your local St. Louis Landscape company and find out more about this beneficial process that can add years and new life to your lawn.

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