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How to test your soil’s pH level for a successful landscape

by on April 1, 2014

Have you wondered why despite all the fertilization treatments and watering, your landscape plants are not thriving as they should? The answer to your Landscaping St. Louis Landscaping woes may be as simple as determining your soil’s pH level. If the soil in which your landscape plants are growing isn’t at the correct pH level, the growth of these plants will be compromised. Here’s how to test your soil and interpret those results to ensure a more successful landscape.

It is highly recommended to have professional landscape experts test your soil’s pH level every three years. However, if you would like to keep a close watch in between professional tests, you can find pH soil testing kits at your local garden supply store. These kits are simple to use and come with complete instructions to guard against user error. The test will include a container in which to collect the soil, a chemical solution and a color chart.

Once you have followed the directions of your testing kit, you will need to analyze the results. Landscaping specialists say your soil’s pH level should typically range between 6.5 and 7.0. However, depending on the type of plant in your landscape, that level could be different. If your test shows a pH level of 6 or below, your soil is highly acidic. If it is above 7, the soil is less acidic.

If you have tested your soil and the results are not what they should be, contact your local Landscaping St. Louis Landscaping company to have them perform a lime application to correct your soil’s pH level.

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