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Using Broadcast Spreaders to Fertilize your Landscape

by on June 24, 2014

Fertilizing your own St. Louis Landscape can be quite an ordeal and usually requires (or should require) a fair amount of research. Many landscaping companies have fertilization programs that have been perfected over the years by experts in the landscaping industry. However, if you’re looking to take on the project yourself, you may want to explore the types of spreaders that are available to make your task easier.

When it comes to fertilizing your St. Louis Landscape, there are generally two types of spreaders you can use: broadcast and drop spreaders. Broadcast spreaders are a popular choice for St. Louis Landscape fertilization projects for a few reasons. One reason why many homeowners prefer to pay a landscaping company to fertilize their St. Louis Landscape for them is because of the mundane, monotonous walking back and forth across the St. Louis Landscape. This can be a particularly tedious task if you have a large St. Louis Landscape. However, the broadcast spreader is perfect for spreading fertilization over a large area because the granules fall down through the hopper and onto a rotating disc. This disc disseminates the fertilizer in every direction possible, allowing you to spread more fertilizer over a larger area of your St. Louis Landscape without walking back and forth as much.

While you may be fertilizing your lawn, the plants, trees and shrubs in your St. Louis Landscape will be getting fertilized as well, essentially killing two birds with one stone. Although this process sounds simple enough, you will still need to figure out how much fertilizer is needed and when it should be applied. You may find that the fertilizer you purchased at the store isn’t as effective as more professional-grade products. If you want to rid yourself of the burden of fertilizing your own St. Louis Landscape, contact your local landscaping company and have the pros provide you with perfect fertilization.

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