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Why use Landscaping St. Louis Landscaping mulch?

by on July 8, 2014

If you’ve ever used mulch, you know it can be a bit annoying when pieces of it fall out of the Landscaping St. Louis Landscaping beds or children decide to spread bits of it all over the yard and driveway. However, despite the irritating aspects of mulch, it actually has benefits that can be vital to your landscape.

Mulch, in addition to adding a decorative flair to your landscape, also promotes soil moisture. By acting as a shield between the hot sun and the soil underneath, your dirt can retain more moisture and nutrients, which help plants grow bigger and better.

Another reason mulch is a much-needed addition to your Landscaping St. Louis Landscaping is because it discourages weed growth. Mulch will help prevent weed growth by shading the soil and keeping it cool, discouraging weed germination.

Mulch is also helpful in preventing soil erosion. Your plants rely on the sturdy earth to keep them in place. Roots needs to be covered with nutrient-rich soil on which to feed, which can all be washed away during a forceful downpour. Mulch will help keep the soil in place, thus keeping your plants safe.

To learn more about how mulch can benefit your Landscaping St. Louis Landscaping, call your local Landscaping St. Louis Landscaping company.

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