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Landscaping tip: Caring for your pond plants

by on March 17, 2015

Several elements go into a successful Landscaping St. Louis Landscaping pond and your plants are probably the most noticeable feature. Planting flowers underwater might seem like a strange idea, but with the exception of a few extra steps, pond plants are no different from the other plants layering your landscape.

Prune, prune, prune!

Just like any normal plant, your aquatic plants need pruned to eliminate dead leaves or branches. This allows the nutrients to stay within the healthy and animated parts of the plant. The good news is that pond plants usually require less care than grounded plants, so the pruning may only be necessary a couple times a year. Just be sure to bring the pot in which it’s anchored to the surface and prune the leaves and branches that are usually underneath the water as well.

No fertilizer?

As previously stated, aquatic plants are just like any other plant and need certain amounts of nutrition to stay lively. However, in one way they differ is their sensitivity to fertilizer. Landscaping pond specialists recommend creating a lip around the pond to keep out water from the surrounding areas. This water is likely to have a high concentration of fertilizer which will cause serious and possibly irreparable harm to your pond plants.

Prevent stagnant water!

It might seem like a no-brainer, especially if your Landscaping St. Louis Landscaping pond includes fish, but a pond pump is a must-have. The pump circulates and aerates the water, keeping it fresh and healthy. The circulating water also helps deter the formation of algae.

Take these steps to make sure your pond plants are contributing to a successful Landscaping St. Louis Landscaping pond ecosystem!

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