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Adding evergreens to your landscape

by on March 31, 2015

Evergreens can add a distinguishing and sophisticated look to your landscape, especially when the plants are orderly and well-maintained. These landscape gems also allow you to have a beautiful backyard garden without a rigorous upkeep routine. Here are some evergreen options to add to your landscape this season.

Blue Rug Juniper Plants

Landscaping specialists say blue rug juniper plants are a favorite among homeowners for several reasons, one being their ability to deter deer. This beautiful silvery-blue foliage that turns purplish in the winter provides a distinctive look on one’s landscape, especially on a sunny slope where maintenance can be more of a hassle. Since blue rug juniper plants are relatively low-maintenance, your landscape can be overtaken by this groundcover without worries of fertilizer and strict watering schedules. Landscaping companies recommend surrounding your garden plants with blue rug juniper plants to essentially construct a groundcover fortress that is guaranteed to keep deer at bay, protecting your precious landscape from these garden munchers.

English Boxwood Shrubs

These distinctive shrubs are excellent for lining garden pathways or providing a lined barrier around your plants that deer tend to nosh on and thereby destroy. Like the groundcover mentioned above, boxwood shrubs require dry soil and do best in an area with partial shade, although they can exist in areas with a greater amount of sunlight exposure. By the time they reach maturity, English boxwood shrubs will grow to be three-feet-high. These shrubs require a regular mulching routine to protect the roots from the intense heat of the sun. If you’re looking for a very sophisticated Landscaping St. Louis Landscaping option, English boxwood shrubs are the way to go, as they are often used in formal landscape designs.

Blue Star Juniper

Like the blue rug juniper, the blue star juniper produces silvery-blue foliage that can be an incredible addition to your landscape. This plant requires direct sun and drier soil, and will grow to the height of one to three feet. Because blue star juniper plants are slow-growing, their pruning schedule is minimal, allowing you to have a completely beautiful landscape with little-to-no upkeep (at least regarding these plants, anyway). Blue star junipers do require a strict watering schedule during their first year or growth, but after that, they should continue to thrive as they are drought-resistant, which makes them perfect candidates for rock gardens.

To find out more about these and other evergreen plants, call your local Landscaping St. Louis Landscaping company today.

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