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Brighten your St. Louis Landscape with colorful annuals

by on May 12, 2015

If you’re thinking of renovating your St. Louis Landscape to include some powerful colors this season, choose some plants and flowers that have the staying power so you can welcome these colors each and every season.


Nothing catches the eye better than marigolds. These bright orange and yellow flowers are a great contrast against the green of your lawn. Even better, marigolds have a distinct and powerful perfume, which means they appeal to more than just your sense of sight.

Tiger Lilies

This flaming orange flower also gives off a distinctive scent and adds some zing to your St. Louis Landscape. Tiger lilies have been noted to reduce feelings of aggression, which is understandable as how could you not feel peaceful and lively when confronted by these beautiful flowers?


These simplistic flowers can add a variety of color to your St. Louis Landscape, allowing you to plant a flower that can vary from color to size. These flowers of love come in 3,000 different varieties, and their bulbs can be used as a replacement for onions in cooking!

Whatever style of flower you choose for your St. Louis Landscape, make sure it will catch the eyes of all your neighbors and bring a smile to your face every time you look at them!

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