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Landscaping St Louis MO | Retaining Walls St Louis MO | Town And Country Landscape

Beautify Your Landscaping St Louis MO!

From mulching and edging to retaining walls, paver patios and walkways, Loyalty Lawn Care is your all-inclusive landscaping pro. For 13 years we have served the ornamental bed weed control and tree and shrub removal needs of metro St. Louis. For the best in landscaping, St. Louis MO residents rely on Loyalty Lawn Care!

Rev Up Your Space With A Retaining Walls St Louis MO

Retaining walls are a great way to boost your home’s value and add elegance to your landscape. An array of garden wall materials is now available to suit any taste. Our landscape all-stars can help you create your own design that you and your family will enjoy for many years to come. For sturdy and stunning retaining walls, St. Louis MO home and business owners can call Loyalty Lawn Care!

No Town And Country Landscape Is Complete Without Paver Patios

Patios are a great communal area to add to your Town and Country landscape. Sitting back and relaxing while enjoying your landscape is a dream that can easily become a reality with the help of the landscaping experts at Loyalty Lawn Care.

Let Mulch St Louis Give Your Landscape Some Extra Color!

Two or three inches of mulch will help your landscape maintain adequate moisture, while minimizing weeds, enriching the soil and providing curb appeal. As the top landscapers in the region, Loyalty Lawn Care is prepared to meet all your residential and commercial needs for mulch. St. Louis is home of the number one landscaping company – Loyalty Lawn Care!

When It Comes To Landscaping, Chesterfield MO Want Walkways From Loyalty!

Loyalty Lawn Care wants to be under your feet with our custom-designed walkways throughout your landscaping. Chesterfield MO homeowners will surely be in love with our work! Guaranteed to add a graceful element to your landscape, our landscaping artists will help create a pathway throughout your elegant landscape.

Complete Your Landscaping St Charles MO With French Drains

If you’ve been noticing excess moisture on your lawn, a French drain may be your answer to save your landscaping. St. Charles MO property owners will find that our French drains will provide both a functional and aesthetic purpose to your landscape. Call the landscape experts at Loyalty Lawn Care today!

Our St Charles Landscaping Services Include Ornamental Bed Weed Control

Our ornamental bed weed control program consists of early spring pre-emergent that is safe for the plants in your mulched areas. It also includes return visits to your St. Charles landscaping to treat with post-emergent products or hand pull weeds as needed. Don’t wear out your knees and back trying to weed your ornamental landscape beds. Call the best in landscaping at Loyalty Lawn Care today!

Opt For Edging To Give Your Kirkwood Landscaping A Crisp Appearance

You may choose to have a nice clean edge on your landscape beds or want your lawn to be flush against the sidewalk to give it a crisp, professional look. We at Loyalty Lawn Care are prepared to meet all your Kirkwood landscaping needs and give you an “edge” above the rest.

Chesterfield Landscaping Is Complete With Spring & Fall Clean-Ups

You may run the risk of causing damage to your Chesterfield landscaping by overlooking some aspects of spring and fall clean-ups. Let the technicians at Loyalty Lawn Care lend their expertise to your landscape and make sure everything is properly cared for before the upcoming season!

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