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Lawn Care St Louis MO | Lawn Care St Charles MO | Lawn Service St Louis

Affordable Lawn Care! St Louis MO Is Home To The Best – Loyalty Lawn Care!

Gorgeous lawns don’t become works of art on their own without property lawn care. St. Louis MO turfs also need high-quality fertilizer and weed and crabgrass control. Our lawn care wizards will apply the appropriate products at the right rates and times throughout the year. Call the professionals at Loyalty Lawn Care today and watch us perform our magic on your lawn.

Fertilization Is Vital To Lawn Care! St Charles MO Lawns Need The Best!

A strong fertilization program is imperative to an outstanding lawn. Having been serving the lawn care St. Charles MO needs since 1998, we have the competence and the highest-quality products to make your lawn look dazzling and vibrant for seasons to come.

Add Weed Control To Your Lawn Service! St Louis Turfs Will Be Healthier!

Nothing is more frustrating than seeing weeds and crabgrass sprout up in your once-flawless lawn. Don’t despair, just call on us for experienced lawn service! St. Louis residents have been relying on Loyalty Lawn Care because we know just what products to use to eliminate these unwanted weeds from your lawn.

Add Nutsedge Control To Your Lawn Care Chesterfield MO!

Nutsedge are recurrent weeds in the sedge family. They look a lot like regular grass, and are some of the most challenging weeds to eradicate from your turf without implementing professional lawn care. Chesterfield MO residents who are frustrated by the occurrence of nutsedge should call Loyalty Lawn Care today!

Only St Charles Lawn Care From Loyalty Lawn Care Can Eliminate Grubs!

These “c”-shaped white critters prefer to feed on the fibrous roots of turf grasses. Most grubs hatch in December and January and are found 150 millimeters below the soil surface. As the root system is destroyed, sections of turf will wilt and turn brown. You’ll be able to pull back the turf to reveal the grubs beneath, prompting your need for experienced St. Charles lawn care. Call Loyalty Lawn Care today to combat your grub problem!

We Offer Fungicide Treatments With Our St Louis Lawn Service

As the weather warms up, your lawn may develop snow mold or other types of fungi, including brown patch and gray leaf spot. The St. Louis lawn service experts at Loyalty Lawn Care use the highest-quality fungicide to wipe out any infectious fungi that are altering the beauty of your landscape.

Add Aeration To Your Chesterfield Lawn Care Regimen!

Core aeration involves pulling plugs out of the soil. This process allows air, water and nutrients to reach the root zone by easing compacted soil. Aeration stimulates growth, advances drainage and enhances fertilizer applications. Let the Chesterfield lawn care professionals at Loyalty Lawn Care help your lawn breathe better.

For Seeding Lawn Care Services, St Peters MO Folk Call Loyalty Lawn Care!

Experiencing brown or yellow thinning patches of turf that won’t respond to fertilizer treatments? Overseeding may be the best addition to your lawn care. St. Peters MO residents will find that seeding enhances your lawn’s foundation and is a process that works best with core aeration. To find out how overseeding can improve the appearance and growth of your lawn, call Loyalty Lawn Care today!

Town And Country Lawn Care Includes High-Quality Sod!

Seeing bald spots or brown patches in your lawn? Sometimes a fresh start with new sod is the best treatment from the Town and Country lawn care officials at Loyalty Lawn Care. Our specialists and expert staff will come out to your home or business and give your lawn a fresh look!

For Incredible Lawn Care St Louis MO, Slit Seeding Is A Must!

Slit seeding uses a machine that pokes small holes into your lawn while simultaneously inserting seed. If you’re looking for a way to reinvigorate your lawn, call the specialists at Loyalty Lawn Care. St. Louis MO residents can learn more about how slit seeding can improve your lawn’s health.

Add Perimeter Pest Control To Your Lawn Care St Charles MO!

At the top of our game in lawn care, St. Charles MO residents may not know we also provide exceptional perimeter pest control. Loyalty Lawn Care offers exterior foundation treatments to keep insects out of your home. Our odorless and colorless treatments will not harm your flowers, shrubs or lawn. By treating the exterior of your home, pests can be stopped in their tracks before they ever invade your family’s living space.

No Lawn Service St Louis Is Complete Without Mole Repellent

Moles eat insects and may control some insect outbreaks, but their activity can also cause substantial damage to lawns, requiring restorative lawn service. St. Louis residents have found that moles create tunnels and/or unattractive mounds in lawn that can disturb root systems. If moles are causing a problem for your lawn, call the lawn care whizzes at Loyalty Lawn Care today!

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